I wrote Switzerland To Alaska : Just To Die because of Ruedi* …

a multi-faceted artist whose sensitivity to the world around him opened my eyes to the wonder of it, and whose journey of self-discovery while wandering into the dark interior of Alaska created a template I used to ask important questions of myself.

If Ruedi could open my eyes and challenge my own personal growth, I thought, perhaps the story of his wilderness trek could help open eyes and encourage journeys of self-discovery in others, too.

So I wrote Switzerland To Alaska: Just To Die for those whose vision has been dimmed to the wonder of the world…and need someone to light a flame so they can see what they’ve been missing…

I wrote this book for those who have taken few journeys of self-discovery…and would appreciate a kind of paradigm to help them take one or two more…

I wrote Switzerland To Alaska: Just To Die for any adventurer who yearns to know where trekkers have gone before them, how those trekkers prepared, and the difference preparation makes in the outcome.

I wrote it for all people who crave adventure, urgently want to experience the thrill of a trip into the wild, but are content enough to take the journey through a writer’s words.

I wrote it for the curious who wonder what growing up in Switzerland is like, what preparing for a sojourn alone in the wilderness of Alaska would require, and what transformation in the human psyche must occur to survive.

I wrote this book for you if you’ve been bold enough to think you’ve already been challenged to the fullest, and could benefit from a big dose of reality.

I wrote this book for you if you believe your circumstances in the life adventure you’re undertaking at the moment are too difficult to overcome, and you need a big dose of inspiration.

If you are none of the above, but are one who simply desires to view the world more intently, then you are an artist, and I wrote this book for you, too. Let it spark your creativity and fan your appreciation for all that lives.

*Ruedi Glauser is a pseudonym for the character in the book whose true story this is.

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