On Becoming Lean and Free:

Wow… hasn’t this subject been covered more than enough? Do we need another book about dieting that promotes a quick fix and magic tricks or bad fads that drive us mad?
Absolutely not! But is there a place for a book that restores our hope that there truly is dietary guidance that provides balanced, well researched, science-based information with proven results? That is what Becoming Lean and Free is all about…

What you will find is a friendly voice encouraging you in every way to begin your journey afresh, with sound wisdom for each step of the way.

Patricia Whitney


Need a Trustworthy Weight-Loss Guide That Understands You?

You Do If You’ve Ever Been Entrapped by Any of the Weight-Loss Diets & Techniques Below:

  • Counting calories
  • Reducing the number of calories you consume each day
  • Lowering or eliminating the amount of fats you consume each day
  • Eating low-fat carbohydrates (like certain cereals, breads, muffins, and crackers)
  • Using diet foods and diet drinks
  • Using coffee drinks as meal replacements
  • Using energy drinks as meal replacements
  • Exercising hard (without eating or drinking the right things before or after)

If you found, like I did, that none of these methods works in the long-term, then you’ve come to the right place. Because here is where you’ll discover…

The Real Truth About Weight-Loss.

You see, I was once at the juncture you are now.

Like you, for many years I struggled to lose weight using all of those above techniques at one time or another. I suffered over the low-calorie one and the no-fat one. I fluctuated between the diet drink one and the caffeine one.

I sweated to exercise the extra weight off, and never understood why it just didn’t melt away.

Predictably I’d come to a halt exhausted and defeated…


It was Depressing, Scary, and WRONG!

It was depressing to watch my weight go up and not know why.

It was scary to experience constant fluctuation in my moods and not be able to control them.

But finally I recognized that reducing…lowering…limiting…dieting… were very negative ways to satisfy a basic need I had as a human being: the need to eat!

I knew there had to be a gratifying way to feed myself that was positive and life-giving.


So I set off on a journey …

to understand why certain foods made me gain weight (even though I vow to you I wasn’t eating very much of them!) while other foods seemed to have no effect at all.

I wanted to know why there were times I felt energized to take a walk or exercise, and other times I was content to sit and eat chips.

I thirsted to know why my spirit would become despondent and not inclined to continue toward my goal for a healthy weight and a sound mind.

I yearned for a path I could easily follow for the rest of my life…

And I Found It!

My path proved so successful that I wanted to share it with you … to help free you from the disappointment and suffering of diets that don’t work, from thoughts that lead to despair, and from habits that rob you of your health.

So I, Kris Doran Williams, Master Certified Health Coach with the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, wrote this trustworthy guide…

A guide that’s meant to help you become lean (healthy) and free.

In this guide I’ll arm you with science-based information gleaned from years of nutrition research and my training as a Master Certified Health Coach. You’ll access refreshing ideas to motivate you to continue toward your wellness goals. You’ll also be encouraged to open your spirit to the God who made you so that you might walk in freedom.

Becoming Lean and Free contains the following surprising secrets to health and healthy weight-loss (which I uncovered after much heartache):

Weight-Loss Secret # 1:
This is a secret that produces immediate and amazing results. It is so simple to incorporate into your regular, daily diet that you’ll wonder why you never thought of it or practiced doing it!

Weight-Loss Secret #2:
You have probably been told by most major food manufacturers that consuming their foods or drinks with this substance will help you lose weight. But you have probably not been told that current research proves major manufacturers are wrong about their products.

Weight Loss Secret #9:
Find out about one small change you can make to your diet that will make a mighty difference in the way you feel, and greatly alter your ability to lose weight.

Weight-Loss Secret  # 15:
Doctors have no doubt counseled you on the “wisdom” of lowering or eliminating this certain kind of food, even if you are not trying to lose weight. But they in all likelihood failed to share with you current statistics that show the astonishing amount of weight-gain and even obesity all across our country in the past 50-60 years because people are following their advice regarding this certain kind of food.


Take the Dread out of Losing Weight And Put the Adventure Back Into It!

If losing weight for you is like it was for me before I knew the real truth about weight-loss, it can seem like all work and no fun.

All denial and no enjoyment. All hope and no results


Could it be so because you’ve never considered that losing weight and becoming healthy are part of a journey?

Could it be so because you’ve never had an excellent travel guide to take you where you want to go?

Then now’s the time to welcome the adventure back in!
Becoming Lean and Free is a travel guide for your next vacation journey!

That’s right!

With it you’ll be vacationing away from old ways of thinking, tasting, and moving.

 Becoming Lean and Free will also encourage you to talk to the One who made you about what you’re experiencing so that you might be set free.

Becoming Lean and Free will give you at least 21 different ways to strengthen your resolve to continue.

As you pass through its pages on your wellness journey you’ll discover:

  • Why particular efforts you make to lose weight actually counteract your attempts.
  • How to recognize ingredients that hide in the foods you eat which destroy your health as well as your ability to lose weight.
  • What foods work to achieve your weight goal even when you’re not doing anything!
  • How you can keep extra weight off once you reach your goal.
  • Foods that are delicious, satisfying, instrumental in weight-loss, and beneficial for your health.

Tons of significant information that is not only relatable, but the entire layout is perfect for anyone to be able to follow… It’s refreshing to see someone tie in the correlation between foods, spirituality, movement, and mindfulness practices to create a dramatic lifestyle change that actually sticks

Tiffany Davis


Turn Your Mind into a Tool That Works For You Rather Than Against You

Do you try to lose weight and at the same time tell yourself it can’t be done?

On day 3 or 4 of any diets you’ve tried in the past, did you hear yourself saying things like: “This is too hard!” or “The food I get to eat is so boring?”

With this guide you’ll be strengthened to continue your journey with the science behind:

  • why certain foods and drinks are right for you.
  • why certain foods rob you of your health and your resolve.
  • why certain thoughts you think can rob you of your health and your peace of mind.

Becoming Lean and Free will leave you with 21 days of trusted pieces of nutrition information you can review over and over, and 21 introductions to habits you can form that will aid you for the rest of your life in keeping your mind and body healthy.


Turn Your Body Into a Machine that Works to Lose Weight, Even When You’re Not

With this guide, you’ll learn about foods that burn fat just by eating them!
With this guide you’ll practice movements you can perform that don’t feel like exercise, but will make you feel great!

Bonus Day

My bonus-day recommendation will surprise you with how easy it is to integrate it into your everyday lifestyle. You’ll find yourself wanting to try it — as soon as you know how it works!

Turn your spirit back to the God who made you.

Renew your spirit every day you follow this guide as you talk (and listen!) to the Person who knows you best.

Invest in your health and start on the journey to becoming a new you today!

This guide is for you

If you’ve tried everything to lose weight and failed!

This guide is for you

If you simply want to maintain a healthy weight as you celebrate birthday after birthday.

Becoming Lean and Free will give you the confidence to know your food choices are nutritionally sound. Becoming Lean and Free will bend your mind and heart  toward thinking, tasting, doing, and saying  all that’s ideal for your health.

There’s absolutely no reason you should be living a tired, overfed but undernourished, moody, disease-ridden, overweight life.

 Order Becoming Lean and Free right now.

…the information is extremely helpful, well written, and easy to understand.  It definitely leaves me wanting more! I think that this book will be helpful to all who read it.

Christina Allison

Clinical Supervisor-NICN

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